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It all started in the first half of the 1930s

The young Riccardo Lanza takes over a butcher shop with a contiguous small abattoir in the centre of Negrar di Valpolicella (Verona).
Both sons, first Arrigo in 1953 and then Diego in 1964, decide to take part in the family business. The small slaughter line located near the shop is rapidly enlarged, permitting, thus, the implementation both of the wholesale and slaughter activities, carried out by Diego, and the retail sale, followed by Arrigo. 
In order to cope with the increasing demand and the progressive emphasis on product quality, in 1998 the production site is moved to a new plant built in the outskirts of Negrar di Valpolicella..
In 2008 the plant is doubled in order to enhance the capacity of the boning area and to create better cold-storage facilities for the growing volumes handled: a functional cutting and vacuum packaging plant along with an efficient logistic department is joined to the initial slaughtering line.
In 2017 the company decides to take a first step towards sustainability and, in accordance with the Legislative decree n.102/2014, requests a consumption diagnosis in order to realize a programme aimed at reducing the energy usage and the consequent impact on the environment.  The abovementioned analysis led to the identification of 5 intervention areas implemented in 2018: a photovoltaic system of nearly 360 kWp which covers about 10% of the company's electricity needs, the replacement of the outdated fluorescent lamps with last-generation LEDs, the installation of a small plant for the self-production of electricity and heat, the replacement of the existing refrigeration system with a more powerful machinery and the replacement of the current compressed air plant with a more efficient system. The final goal of these measures is to reduce the primary energy use of 170 Tep per year, thus avoiding the emission of nearly 400 tons of CO2 yearly. The programme was co-financed by the Veneto region through the “POR FESR 2014-2020” programme.
Despite the family business turning into an "industry", the mission remains the same: a constant search for maximum consumer satisfaction through a high-quality product and technically advanced and innovative processing technologies.

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