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<a href=''> Beef</a>

An intact (I.E. Not castrated) adult male slaughtered under the age of 24 months. Its meat contains generally a high percentage of proteins and great nutritional values. For the conformation of its cuts, the colour, the texture and the flavour, it is among the finest meats.

<a href=''> Veal</a>

Synonymous with tenderness, veal has got this prestigious feature due to the slaughtering of very young animals (less than 8 months of age). As the calf is fed prevalently with milk, its meat is less fat and bright pink.

<a href=''> Heifer</a>

A young female before she has had a calf of her own is called a heifer. Its meat has a rather high percentage of fat. Tasty and nutritious, it is among the best meats as far as quality is concerned.

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